As we near Thanksgiving, I like to take the time to reflect upon what I am thankful for. It’s so easy to get stuck in negativity. We are constantly inundated with bad news. Without even being aware of it, it seems our brains have become programmed to see only the bad things and tune out the good. About a year ago I heard about the Gratitude Challenge. It’s pretty simple.


First, grab a notebook or piece of paper.

Write three things that you’re thankful for. Nothing is too small. It can be something simple like, “There was no traffic this morning.” Review your list and reflect on each item.

Write three new things every day and try not to repeat. The whole idea is to develop your sense of gratitude by becoming aware of all the great things that occur daily.

Each day review your list from the day before.

Then keep going! Try doing this activity for 30 days.


I started doing this activity a year ago and it is incredible what a difference it has made. I find myself focusing on the positive and quickly identifying things that I am grateful for, rather than only seeing the negative. It changes your entire outlook and makes for better, more satisfying days. I am not saying that it is perfect. There are still bad days, but at the end a not so great day, I am always able to find at least three things to be grateful for. Try it for yourself and see the difference that a little positivity can bring.

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